Supplier diversity is key in the corporate awakening around diversity, equity and inclusion.

Supplier Diversity is a business practice which facilitates the use of women, minority, veteran, lgbtq and small businesses enhancing the supply chain of an organization.  Supplier Diversity has been and will continue to be key to organizations reflecting and respecting the global society in which they operate.  As we work to truly embrace diversity, equity and inclusion, it must be ingrained in the DNA of next generation organizations to maintain a sustainable supply chain.

In Supplier diversity we find that best in class supplier diversity programs offer minority, women, disabled veteran, LGBTQ+ and small businesses toolkits to support building capacity and generational wealth which in part reduces the socioeconomic gaps we experiencing.

A diverse supply chain offers diversity in thought, innovation and cross-cultural understanding which affect business relationships for generations. Include supplier diversity in your diversity, equity and inclusion toolbox to achieve the 360 degree value of diversity.

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