DM Gilbert


“As a bi-racial woman, I have experienced unpleasant, unwarranted, and difficult to digest racially insensitive comments.  This instilled in me an unflinching desire to continually challenge myself to impact the racial inequality narrative as well as challenge us all to pivot in our approach to diversity, respect, and an unquestionable acceptance of all our differences.”    DM Gilbert

As California’s first diversity leader to achieve over 50% spend with Minority Women and Disabled Veterans Business Enterprises (MWDVBE). Her multifaceted career spans over twenty years within the organizational landscape, most notably, successfully navigating business models that support supplier diversity, developmental programs, next generation technologies, telecom, and water. Driven by passion and based on her unique critical thinking approach, she was able to accomplish substantial inroads in the field of supplier diversity. During her tenure with these organizations she developed best in class programs that had a direct impact on the overall organizational growth within the various industries.

Prior to championing supplier diversity, her leadership ideologies were reinforced and strengthened with roles at NBC, BBC, and PBS.  Through her many roles she understands the critical importance of continually adapting to the ever changing business environment of diversity and inclusion, which is based on the intersectionality of our diverse global society. Her illustrious career was the impetus and the catalyst that nourished the visionary drivers that lead to the creation of The Diversity Advisors. 

EA Simon II


“As a child my parents instilled in me to always go above and beyond expectations laid out before me.”   This advice provided the substantive foundation that guided my work effort as it relates to educational and career growth. It is my belief that the same advice continues to have a critical impact on the choices I make and challenges I accept to continually grow in all ways always. I’m hopeful the creation of this organization will usher in a narrative that strengthens, reinforces, and provides community and organizational growth opportunities absent of biases and racial inequities.”  EA Simon II

His leadership roles within the utility industry resulted in a 39% supplier diversity spend, which surpassed targeted internal goals. His career accomplishments are punctuated by twenty years in various leadership roles in the utility industry, project management, operational coordination of strategic customer service projects, operational implementation of critical performance monitoring infrastructures, which supported supplier and workforce diversity programs. His leadership ideologies provided the structural integrity for the implementation of several innovative internal / external partnership programs, which had an impact on the performance growth of supplier diversity. Prior to embarking on a career in the utility industry, he honed, strengthened, and reinforced his leadership point of view in the property and casualty insurance industry. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Organizational Studies from Fontbonne University and a Master of Science Degree in Executive Leadership from University of San Diego. EA also received his Diversity Professional Certification from the National Diversity Council.