As diversity professionals, over the years we’ve had many discussions about the impact of our actions relating to diversity in the world we live. As we continue to deepen our awareness and actions regarding diversity, it became quite clear starting a consulting firm was just not enough. We took a step back and contemplated Our Why’s – why become a disruptor in DEI space?

We developed a list with over ten statements to define Our Why. The two words that continued to surface were passion and purpose. You cannot navigate the diversity and inclusion space unless you have a passion to help others. Your purpose should be driven by the desire not to help one ethnicity or race, but instead help everyone see the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Without the critical frameworks of passion and purpose, we end up with where we find ourselves today – unnecessary loss of life, continued racial disparity, and global protests.

If people show more compassion for one another and focus on a united purpose for treating one another with dignity and respect, it is our belief the world would be a much better place for generations to come. Our Why is centered around our passion to educate and enlighten those willing to listen and engage in solutions that focus on the fact that we are more similar than we are different.

All of our purposes should be to live in a world free of discrimination, judgement, and hate.

We stand ready to help.

The Diversity Advisors

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