To be a change agent and disruptor in the evolution of diversity, equity and inclusion.


To utilize our knowledge and expertise coupled with technology to further advance diversity, equity and inclusion, which leads to systemic changes in a much more inclusive society for all.


There are many diversity consultants to choose from.  With the Diversity Advisors, you’re getting a holistic approach by understanding where your organization is today, coupled with our long term strategic solutions.  Collectively our Advisors have over 200 years of diversity and inclusion intellectual knowledge.  

We are the first ever African American led inclusive consortium of diversity professionals who in turn will provide a brain trust to support the next generation approach to diversity and inclusion.   Generally, companies have left diversity and inclusion leadership to internal team members who typically are entrenched in their company ideologies.  Our consortium of diverse advisors provides an unbiased approach to enhancing internal processes as well as innovative approaches to new more sustainable strategies.  

The Diversity Advisors will disrupt the diversity and inclusion industry by providing experienced professional diversity leaders from multiple industries to provide insight, understanding and create change. Diversity and inclusion consulting is an evolving industry.

We help our clients via consulting services, training, program development, and e-learning.


“We may not have chosen the time but the time has chosen us.” —John Lewis