With diversity, equity, and inclusion framing cultural and operational organizational structures, The Diversity Advisors (TDA) understand the constraints internal teams are facing to strengthen existing or as realized through our client base, just beginning to engage is this critical 21st century organizational structural framework.  During this transitional period our internal research shows one of the key difficulties teams face is balancing their current roles with the added responsibilities with implementing or sustaining a consistent DEI infrastructure.   TDA offers an annual retainer that aligns and collaborates with organizations that do not have a current chief diversity officer or experienced DEI professional on staff. Which, provides an elevated level of service that augments existing DEI focused contingencies.  The customizable retainer service provides Ad-Hoc DEI support. 

TDA’s solution based retainer service provides:

Introductory Retainer investment options: 

Note:  Retainer services times aligns with normal business hours (8am-6pm local time).    

For more information and pricing, please contact us at [email protected]