Ask The Diversity Advisors

 In addition to or as independent DEI internal infrastructure our clients find increased  engagement coupled with a foundational understanding prompted by TDA’s online advisory access platform.  This platform was developed and designed to allow anyone in your organization to have 1-on-1 unbiased informative conversations regarding any topic or subject as it relates to understanding or furthering their DEI concerns.   

Your team members would email their questions (web access granted with contractual agreement).  Based on the complexity of the questions, team members would receive a response within 24 business hours.  We will cite sources for any responses we provide that are not The Diversity Advisors specific materials. Included in this platform is a comprehensive monthly report that details questions asked along with the responses provided.  The success of this platform is rooted in anonymity, which increases the employee’s willingness to communicate their DEI concerns, suggestions, or just their opinions.  The organization benefits by having access to this information to truly address, develop, strengthen, or reinforce critical DEI organizational ideologies.     

Note:  The Diversity Advisors will not respond to Human Resources related questions, which will redirect the questioner to an internal resource and will not be included in the comprehensive monthly reporting.

Six-Month subscription pricing (can be customizable)

Number of Employee Ranges 

For more information and pricing, please contact us at [email protected]