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The Diversity Advisors provide assistance with increasing understanding, awareness, and collaboration to create platforms to address societal inequities through a sustainable approach to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Acceptance (DEIB&A).


more likely to capture new markets with a diverse workforce


inclusive companies are 1.7x more innovative

Helping companies build sustainable inclusive and belonging cultures

Introductory Retainer
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10 hours/year
20 hours/year
40 hours/year
DEI Expert Retainer Services

Provides an elevated level of service that augments existing DEI-focused contingencies

Ask The Diversity Advisors

Increase employee
DEI Engagement

Ask The Diversity Advisors is a white labeled landing page for your organization which allows team members to submit anonymous DEI questions answered by DEI Experts.

This platform was developed and designed to allow anyone in your organization to have 1-on-1 unbiased informative conversations regarding any topic or subject as it relates to understanding or furthering their DEI concerns.   

24 business hours

The Diversity Advisors will respond within 24 hours

365 days

a year to help you think bigger, better and brighter.

Courses & E-Learning

Access diversity, inclusion, and equity topics and information at your fingertips anytime and anywhere


Standard and Customizable Training focused on Inclusion, Belonging, Diversity, Equity and Supplier Diversity


"Only when we address the real issues of inequity are we able to develop sustainable solutions to transform organizations and the communities they serve. We will continue to meet organizations where they are today and partner with them to develop inclusive, belonging and sustainable DEIstrategies"

Dawn Gilbert

CEO and Founder

EA Simon II,

COO and Co-Founder

"It’s important organizations (leadership team members and employees) receive the education of DEI and have professionals like The Diversity Advisors that can share best practices and provide road maps for implementation. "

Amanda Ma CEO, Innovate Marketing Group/Past ABA Chairwoman