Bobby Robertson

Keynote Speaker on the topic of “Forgiveness”

Forgiveness is the essential ingredient that is too often overlooked in the DEI conversation. Even justice itself when correctly applied does not truly satisfy. Justice cannot make a “bad” thing “good.” It cannot bring back what or who was lost. We are left with impact craters in our lives that must be addressed through forgiveness.

The time Mr. Robertson spent as a Chaplain amplified his compassion, listening, empathy, and counseling skills to prepare him to assist corporations with utilizing forgiveness as a strategy. He has helped corporations recover lost clients, allow suppliers to improve performance, and achieve improved productivity from staff.

Mr. Robertson is not unaccustomed to tragedy in his personal life as he chose the path of forgiveness when his youngest son was kidnapped and taken out of the country for months. As a member of the disability community, he has also helped change laws that expand the definition of supplier diversity to business owners with disabilities. He delivers this powerful training with empathy and compassion.

His audiences first learn the effects of unforgiveness between corporations and clients/suppliers and how to utilize forgiveness as a strategy to maximize profitability. Next, he explores the effects of unforgiveness between colleagues, management, and staff to teach how unforgiveness can stifle diversity of thought by excluding individuals because of unforgiveness. Family relationships are examined next since we bring our entire selves to work and unforgiveness at that level frequently spills over into work relationships. The toughest person to forgive is of course oneself, so that is addressed last. Exercises are then conducted to give attendees the process on “how” to forgive so they can begin putting these new skills into practice. Finally, strategies are presented to develop a process to keep oneself free from unforgiveness with training on how not to pick up offenses in the future.